Mission Lacrosse is San Antonio's premiere lacrosse club dedicated to the development and growth of lacrosse in South Texas

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MLC 2027/28 & 2029/30 Team
(3rd/4th & 1st/2nd Teams)
June 1 - 2: Bitter Lax Fest in Austin (3rd/4th Only)
June 8 - 9: Texas Draw in Dallas (3rd/4th and 1st/2nd)
3rd/4th Cost: $450
$150 Deposit
$150 on April 15
$150 on May 15
1st/2nd Cost: $350
$100 Deposit
$112.50 on April 15
$112.50 on May 15
Players with at least 1 season of experience preferred
Team Full - Training Spots Available
What's included in my registration fee?
The registration fee covers all cost including uniform outside of tournament travel.
What is included in our uniform kit?
All players will receive a practice penny, shooting shirt, and game shorts to keep. A game reversible will be handed out and picked up at the tournament.
What game formats are played in the tournaments?
The 3rd & 4th grade program will play full 10 v 10 lacrosse with goalies but no long poles.
The 1st & 2nd grade team will play 7 v 7 without goalies.
Have more questions?...call, text or email Blake Skinner at 214-801-2855 or Blake.Skinner@missionlacrosseclub.com